“Avengers” Year By Year

Silly drawings showcasing different Avengers lineups over the years. Based on my favourite characters from Marvel comics. Still an ongoing project!


Silly DC Comics characters drawn for the #DCember challenge in 2020.


A quick twitter trend of 2020, where people would redraw videogame box art on their own style. My subject here was Ubisoft’s Tonic Trouble from 1999!

Spider-Man / X-Men Compositions

Compositions drawn traditionally for the Inktober challenge in 2017 and 2018, based on Spider-Man and X-Men characters published by Marvel Comics.


The wildly popular 2020 trend of drawing six fanarts for social media! Every artist was doing it. Me included! In fact I did two versions, one in a comedy style and the other in a more realistic take. Check them out both, why don’t you?

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