The wildly popular 2020 trend of drawing six fanarts for social media! Every artist was doing it. Me included! In fact I did two versions, one in a comedy style and the other in a more realistic take. Check them out both, why don’t you?

“Superhéroes Autonómicos”

Character designs for the zine “Superhéroes autonómicos”, showcasing superhero costume designs based on the flags and coat of arms of the 19 autonomous communities that make up the country of Spain. 2018.

DC Superheroines Redesign

Costume redesigns based on various superheroine character designs published by DC Comics, 2018.

Fantastic Four Redesign

Character and costume redesigns based on The Fantastic Four characters, published by Marvel Comics. 2018.

Duke Nukem Redesign

Character and costume redesign based on the Duke Nukem series of videogames, published by Gearbox Software and 3DRealms. 2019.


Realistic illustration portrait samples based on characters published by Marvel Comics, DC Comics, the Joe Simon/Jack Kirby estate, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures. 2016-2018.

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